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Under the epidemic, both diners and restaurants are facing a severe cold winter!
Under various social distancing restrictions, everyone must be close to each other and seek alternative ways.

In order to make it easier for diners to inquire about the restaurant, view the menu and place an order for takeaway, and save the operating cost of the restaurant, BudsAlike will add a social media transfer function to the app – the first recommendation is WhatsApp. If you find a favorite restaurant in BudsAlike, you can directly transfer it to WhatsApp to contact the restaurant, check the electronic menu, or place an order for takeaway.

To this end, BudsAlike is now soliciting restaurant WhatsApp and other social media profiles. The relevant information will be added to the system database, and then diners can inquire or place an order with the restaurant at the click of a finger in the app! Both WhatsApp business accounts and regular WhatsApp accounts are applicable to this plan.

As long as there is any restaurant WhatsApp restaurant owner or general diners, welcome to send us information!

100% of the restaurant’s revenue goes into its own pocket: BudsAlike doesn’t charge a cent.

Takeaway is more convenient: restaurants can set up E-menu through WhatsApp to update menus at any time; it is convenient for diners to place orders, reducing time costs and opportunities for errors.

New platform exposure opportunities: BudsAlike is a new local food platform. Diners can not only find restaurant information in the app, but also match restaurants with A.I. artificial intelligence – diners find the right food, and restaurants find the right guests.

How to participate
Method 1) If you have any restaurant WhatsApp information, you can fill in this form to report to BudsAlike.

Method 2) Download the BudsAlike app and enter the restaurant WhatsApp information in the app. Please see the input steps here.