WhatsApp Support F&B Campaign

5th wave of COVID is adding insult to injury for the F&B industry, BudsAlike would like to offer support through adding “WhatsApp redirect” function to facilitate users to reach restaurants quicker and easier.

BudsAlike believes that WhatsApp redirection can not only offer users quick connection to the restaurant, but also easy access to e-menu, booking or takeaway services. As part of the campaign, we would like to invite contributors to provide any WhatsApp number of restaurants that might not be on BudsAlike’s platform yet.

BudsAlike will not be taking any fees from restaurants for any services offered to you through this redirection. We would like to offer our support through this difficult period by increasing the opportunities for restaurants to be reached.

Who can participate
Restaurant owners or diners are welcome

100% revenue to restaurants: any business generated through this connection is offered to restaurants at no fee

Takeaway at ease: through e-menus and easy communication, increases convenience for takeaway

Increase exposure of restaurants at new F&B platform: BudsAlike is a new F&B app offering restaurants information with AI food matching – connecting the right diners to the right restaurants.

How to contribute
Method 1) To contribute WhatsApp information of restaurant, please fill in this form .

Method 2) Download BudsAlike. Input WhatsApp number of restaurants through the app. Click here to see the steps.